Iconic project

Magnificent decors adorning a dream villa

A palatial villa on the Mediterranean

A villa built in the early 20th century, on the Côte d’Azur, like something out of a dream. In this magical place, Guillaume Féau has installed the greatest collection of historical boiseries. They engage in a dialogue with custom-made decors, marrying technique with detail in the sumptuous finishes for which the Féau firm is renowned.

Watercolor, Côte Azur luxury villa, France, iconic Féau Boiseries project

Interior decoration for a legendary place

It was an extraordinary setting that Guillaume Féau was involved in transforming, at around 30 years of age. He was given carte blanche to decorate some 20 rooms in this legendary residence in a sign of total confidence. Over a 4-year period, he sourced historic collector’s pieces that would enhance the grandeur of the residence.

Spectacular lobby, neoclassical columns, 17th-century cupola, double door, capitals, painted blue and gold
Grand salon, door, frame, cornice, 18th-century paneling, white and gold, attributed to Château de Bellevue
18th-century paneled office, Jacques de Lajoüe, architectural painter, rocaille style
Custom-made carved oak elevator, 18th-century neoclassical-style paneling, inspired by Place Vendôme
Spectacular panels and door, painted gilded wood, 18th century, Féau collection, from Place Vendôme
Luxury decor, paneling, cornices, ceiling, painted gilded wood, private interior, France
Chinese-style salon, 18th-century Régence-style paneling, wood painted white and gold, from Place Vendôme, Féau collection
Luxueux panneaux boiseries XVIIIe, bois peint blanc doré à l'or, style Rocaille, intérieur privé, France
Luxurious decor, paneling and cornices, blue white painted finish with gilding, Côte d'Azur villa
Carved stone capital and cornice, white paint and imitation gray marble finish, fine gilding
Helmet-and-arms capital from Ledoux boiserie, cornice and ceiling paintwork in white, gold, and faux russet marble
Cornice and ceiling with sculpted scenes copied from Hôtel de Vigny, Paris. Hand painted medallion

Walls adorned with extraordinary decors

The clients are collectors who are used to exceptional things,and Guillaume Féau chose the most sumptuous decors from the Féau Boiseries collection for them. He brought together whole swathes of French history, expressing the 17th and 18th centuries’ full decorative genius. He created a set piece that is full of contrasts.

Historical references

Féau - Milan private residence


Hoentschel cupola

Inspired by the Hoentschel cupola installed in the villa, Maison Féau sublimed its know-how through a new stylistic exercise following the classical tradition of the 18th century. A perfect illustration is this rotunda composed of solid oak together with resin. Boiseries from the Féau collection freely inspire the cupola’s ornamentation. These decors have been given a duotone paint finish in white and Wedgwood blue. The piers creating a perspective effect have been designed in a Neoclassical spirit.

Guillaume Féau here combines:
– an entire room from the early Louis XIV period, richly painted by Charles Errand,
– the original panels from the Café de Foy,
– panels by the painters Claude III Audran and Nicolas Lancret for the Hôtel Peyrenc de Moras, built circa 1720 on Place Vendôme,
– the mineralogical cabinet from the Château de Bercy…

Architect / designer
Régence, Neoclassical
Côte d’Azur, France
Pieces from the collection
Paneling and cornices from the king’s workshops attributed to the sculptor Verbeckt, from one of Madame de Pompadour’s private apartments 18th century domed ceiling from the Georges Hoentschel Collection.
Type of project
Rooms decorated
design, joinery/paneling, sculpture/ornamentation, plaster/resin, finishes, logistics, installation
Elements of the decor
Boiseries, fireplaces, ceilings and cornices, doors, bookcases, elevator, cupola.
A custom-designed craftsmanship

From the initial sketch to the decor’s installation, Féau’s teams work closely alongside interior designers, attentive to their vision.

Féau Boiseries works alongside each interior designer or decorator on their specific project
Showroom Féau boiseries, private museum, Paris, 9 rue Laugier
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