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Art Deco inspiration for Pierre Yovanovitch

A modern vision for Pierre Yovanovitch

The interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch has given a new look to the interior of a private house in London and, in the same spirit, an apartment in Paris. Adept at achieving luxury without ostentation, he turned to Féau Boiseries to design oases of contemporaneity. Fine examples of the interplay between contemporary design and custom-made boiseries, in London’s upmarket Chelsea neighborhood and Paris’s 7th arrondissement.

Custom-made Régence style study, natural oak, Yovanovitch project for distinguished Parisian interior
Louis XV boiserie scheme installed and restored by Féau Boiseries
Detail of a Louis XV library installed and restored by Féau Boiseries
Double door of a Louis XVI boiserie scheme installed and restored by Féau Boiseries
Detail of a dining room Louis XVI boiserie scheme enhances by Takashi Murakami artwork
Oak carved Regence style double door
Féau Boiseries door frame inspired by one of Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann's art deco motifs
Art Deco inspired patinated oak boiserie scheme
Patinated oak boiserie scheme with undulating ornamentation and carved scarabs on the cornice
Detail of an Art Deco inspired cornice, with sculpted scarabs, created for interior decorator Pierre Yovanovitch
Féau Boiseries doorway inspired by one of Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann's art deco motifs

Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s masterpiece revisited

The custom-made boiseries were produced in oak, copying the original Art Deco ornamentation : Ruhlmann’s elegant motif of three rows of dentils in the doorframes [pict. 1], the vertical wave motif of the cornices, carved with a gouge [pict. 2 & 3], however, the female masks that punctuated the period decor have been replaced by soberly carved scarabs [pict. 4].

The choice of Art Deco

Oak door by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Féau private collection


Lord Rothermere’s Ruhlmann boiseries

Pierre Yovanovitch found inspiration in a decor from the Féau firm’s archives for the salon walls : an Art Deco masterpiece designed by Ruhlmann in 1925 for Lord Rothermere’s apartment on the Champs-Élysées.

Architect / dsigner
Pierre Yovanovitch https://www.instagram.com/pierre.yovanovitch/
20th Century, Art Deco
Londres, Paris
Pieces from the collection
Art Deco paneling designed by Ruhlmann for Lord Rothermere
Type of project
Rooms decorated
design, joinery/paneling, sculpture/ornamentation, plaster/resin, finishes, logistics, installation
Elements of the decor
Boiseries, ceilings and cornices, doors and doorframes, bookcases
A custom-designed craftsmanship

From the initial sketch to the decor’s installation, Féau’s teams work closely alongside interior designers, attentive to their vision.

Féau Boiseries works alongside each interior designer or decorator on their specific project
Showroom Féau boiseries, private museum, Paris, 9 rue Laugier
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