The Neoclassical Style

Flourished from the second half of the 18th century to the early 19th century, particularly through Ledoux and Bélanger. Brought about a return to order in architecture, but with imaginative elements in decors.

Prestigious hall with neoclassical Ledoux paneling
Féau, the book

Magnificent monograph on Féau Boiseries. A guided tour around the world of Féau, through 21 exclusive interior projects and the firm’s private collection.

Feau Boiseries book by Rizzoli
The 20th Century Style

A mixture of influences such as the refined geometry of mid-1920s Art Deco, modernized reinterpretations of the Louis XVI style from the 1940s, and even the exuberant disco style of the 1970s.

20th-century paneling, straw marquetry, custom-made, Féau Boiseries with Michael S Smith
The Empire Style

Created at the beginning of the 19th century by Napoléon’s architects and decorators, Percier & Fontaine. Glorifies the Emperor’s reign through attributes such as eagles and griffins.

Empire-style paneling, dining room, private residence, Paris area
The Régence Style

Embodies an amalgamation of French decorative arts from the mid-18th century. Crosses the majestic style of Versailles, with the rocaille eccentricities that were in vogue in the 18th century, and the curves of Louis XV style.

Régence library creation for Pierre Yovanovitch project

Féau Boiseries, the art of interiors since 1875

Féau Boiseries is keeping the tradition of French-style interiors alive. The prestigious firm designs, adapts, produces, and installs wood-paneling decors inspired by iconic architects from the 17th century to the present day.

Féau Boiseries has earned the trust of the greatest interior designers, both classical and contemporary, all sharing a passion for historical style and detail. The firm offers them an unparalleled source of inspiration through its collection of decors.

A custom-designed craftsmanship

Dorure sur bois artisan d'art Féau Boiseries
Peinture décorative à l'ancienne chez Féau Boiseries

From the initial sketch to the installation

Féau’s teams work closely alongside interior designers, attentive to their vision. Each client is welcomed in person by Guillaume Féau and guided toward unique pieces in the private collection that reflect their project. At the making stage, highly talented craftspeople take over : cabinetmakers and joiners, ornamental sculptors, painters, and gilders.

Some exclusive decors

For Karl Lagerfeld at the Hôtel de Crillon
From Central Park South to 740 Park
A palatial villa on the Mediterranean
A legendary suite at the Pierre hotel
A modern vision for Pierre Yovanovitch

The Iconic Projects

Every request is unique, as is every collaboration. The Féau firm makes sure it is attuned to each interior designer’s or decorator’s vision.
An ambassador for French taste and an expert in his field, as well as an enthusiastic collector, Guillaume Féau is happy to share his insights and advice.
He knows how to point clients in the direction of a historical decor that will resonate with their original design ideas.

An unparalleled collection

The Féau firm holds an exceptional and inspiring heritage that consists of iconic pieces designed by illustrious architects and interior designers. Regularly being added to through Guillaume Féau’s purchases, the collection acts as a worldwide point of reference and helps promote the French decorative arts internationally. In all its finest detail, this passion for style inspires designers and can clearly be seen in the firm’s magnificent schemes, executed for a cosmopolitan clientele.

Showroom Féau boiseries, private museum, Paris, 9 rue Laugier
Discussing your
project with us

We are happy to hear from interior designers and decorators leading projects that require custom-made decorative schemes.

Féau, the book

A magnificent monograph on Féau Boiseries. A guided tour around the world of Féau, through 21 exclusive interior projects and the firm’s private collection.

Livre Feau Boiseries, maison d'édition Rizzoli