The workshop

Woodwork decor enthusiasts

An attentive team

At the firm’s historic headquarters on Rue Laugier, the team consists of about a dozen people, all with a passion for boiseries. Here are some short portraits of these professionals and their individual skills

In addition to this point of contact in Paris, Féau Boiseries has an established network of several dozen carefully selected fine craft workshops in various regions of France.

Guillaume Féau, Director

Having developed a passion for boiserie decors as a teenager, by the 1990s Guillaume Féau understood that outstanding schemes would never go out of fashion.
A collector at heart, he guides and assists his clients in the art of choosing, recomposing, and reinventing the finest boiseries of the past to adapt them to the palaces of today.

Guillaume Féau, General Manager Feau Boiseries

Angélique Féau Leborgne, Administrative and Financial Director

Like her brother Guillaume Féau, she grew up surrounded by boiseries before joining the family business in 1992. She went into partnership with her brother in 2000.
As director of all the administrative and financial aspects of Féau Boiseries, she is involved in all of its development plans. As a fellow custodian of the family’s aesthetic and entrepreneurial history, she plays the role of trusted adviser to Guillaume Féau.

Angélique Féau Leborgne, Administrative and Financial Director Féau boiseries

Andreea Par, Executive Assistant

She is the first point of contact at Féau Boiseries for anyone who gets in touch with the firm by telephone. As soon as you hear her voice, you can sense her warm smile.
Her daily discussions with all team members give her an overall vision of the life of the firm’s life and make her a facilitator without equal.
With her deep level of involvement in the firm’s work, she can relay any and every aspect of the projects in progress to Guillaume Féau on the frequent occasions when he is traveling.

Andreea Par, Executive assistant Féau boiseries

Sylvain Jorge, Director of the Design Studio

A joiner by training, he took part in the prestigious Worldskills – vocational championships, where young professionals from all over the world compete based on the excellence of their skills.
He oversees all of Féau Boiseries’ projects. His main aim is to be prepared for all eventualities on site, as far in advance as possible, so as to keep control of both the schedule and the costs. He supervises the interactions between the different trades involved and is in daily contact with the craftspeople.

Sylvain Jorge, Director of the Féau boiseries design office

Anthony Fournier, Commercial Director, and Project Management Director

Also a joiner by training, Anthony ran his own joinery and paneling workshop for many years before joining the Féau firm. Within the business, he ensures that each project runs smoothly.
He supervises Féau Boiseries’ team of project managers and is the pivotal person for communications between the client and the workshops, from the making of the elements by the joiners, sculptors, and decorators, through to the installation of the decor.
Client satisfaction is at the heart of his mission. As Féau Boiseries’ Commercial Director, he also deals with the firm’s commercial development.

Anthony Fournier, Sales Director, responsible for Féau boiseries business managers

Arthur Sloth, Creative Director

He is the artist in the design studio. The son of a cabinetmaker and antiques dealer, he studied interior design in Paris. He produces the projects’ design drawings, translating Guillaume Féau’s vision after the elements have been chosen with the clients.
These drawings enable the clients to imagine themselves in their future decor: a much-appreciated service contributing to the firm’s renown. It is an exercise that requires a perfect understanding of styles and great speed in execution.

Arthur Sloth, Artistic Director Féau boiseries

Samuel Mathieu, Design Draftsman

Samuel is the master of the technical drawings, which he prepares digitally. These documents include all of the decor’s measurements and technical requirements, but also its ornamentation. Samuel has a unique talent for perfectly and faithfully reproducing the spirit of grand decors.
From these drawings, the various elements of the paneling are made in the workshop by the craftspeople, who need to be able to interpret them at a glance.

Samuel Mathieu, Féau boiseries designer

Camille Boyer, Logistics Manager

Before being installed at the client’s premises, Féau Boiseries’ decors do a lot of traveling. During the making process, their various elements are transported around France: from the sculptor to the gilder, from the woodworking workshop to the painting workshop…
Then the many deliveries need to be managed—mostly abroad, always secured in perfect packaging. Plus, there are customs and insurance regulations that need to be respected.
An experienced logistician, polyglot, and lover of fine things, Camille closely monitors the process’s precision mechanics.

Camille Boyer, Logistician Féau boiseries

Peggy Chervier, Curator of the Féau Collection

Trained as a decorative gilder in the gilded wood restoration workshop of Jacques Goujon (who worked for the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, among others), she also worked as a bookseller at the Librairie de l’Ameublement. While there, she devoured hundreds of books on craft techniques, art history, and great collections. She has been collaborating with Féau Boiseries for over 15 years, and knows all its people, its boiseries, its behind-the-scenes setup and its ecosystem.
The areas she is involved in reflecting the broadness of her skill set: seeking out and offering advice for the acquisition of historic boiseries, arranging the pieces in the collection, inventorying boiseries, resizing antique mirrors, and delicate restoration work on decors, among other things.

Peggy Chervier, Curator of the Féau Collection